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You will be surprised to know there is no left or right foot for your jutti - you can wear them on either foot. After a couple of wears, your jutti will mould to the shape of your foot. The more you wear them, the better they will mold.

Before the first wear, you can also line your jutti with mustard or coconut oil and leave it to dry for a day, this will further soften the leather.

If your jutti gets wet, let it dry in the sun for 2-3 hours before you store them back in the box and they will be back to normal. In case your jutti gets dirty, you can clean them with a wet towel cloth or brush, dipped in washing soap. For extra protection, you can also dry clean them. Juttis with embroideries must be dry-cleaned ONLY.


Keep your jewellery looking good by keeping it stored in the box or cloth pouch when not being worn. This will keep the colour fresh and the stones in place. Do not store more than one set in a box and do not mix metals together. 

Avoid spraying perfume directly onto your gorgeous jewellery as this may cause discolouration. 

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